Style Crush

Do you ever get style crushes? I certainly do. My latest is Jessica de Ruiter, a very talented fashion stylist for the Wall Group. Jessica’s clients include some of Hollywood’s best dressed celebrities, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Drew Barrymore. I am not exactly sure the first time I came across Jessica’s style. Perhaps it was on a Saturday morning, curled up in bed with a hot tea catching up on my favorite blogs (one of my favorite things to do). The interior of Jessica’s home also reflects her knack …


Getting your closet organized.

Do you ever have those days where you can not find anything to wear but your closet is full of clothing? Or perhaps you are always wearing the same outfits? Frequently, I am asked for styling and organizational tips. Below is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to sort through what you wear and what you do not. Hilary Rushford is the owner of Dean Street Studio. She is a savvy stylist living in Brooklyn. She will teach you how to simpifly your life by decluttering your closet and becoming …


Moroccan Design

I have been dreaming of traveling to Morocco for many years. I recently went there and my expectations were surpassed. Traveling has always fed my soul emotionally and creatively. In Morocco almost all buildings, whether residential or commercial, are painted the same color and most are made from the earth. The newer structures are constructed with concrete but still remain painted a natural earth color. Near the coast, however, you may see a few buildings painted white. Except for the front door, there is very little architectural or design detail in the buildings. Doors provide …


How to wear sneakers?

So you had to of noticed the sneaker trend?  A lot has changed in the sneaker world.  They are no longer solely for working out.  It all started with the Ashe platform sneaker; I loved the look but it was not for me.  Last summer I noticed the Celine sneaker.  This, however, is something that I would wear.  Now, J.Crew offers a special colored new balance sneaker.  At the Chanel 2014 show, they mixed sneakers with couture.  Take a look below at your many options and find out how you …



I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did! I am still full and enjoyed the amazing leftovers today. Thanksgiving is usually a set traditional menu. My family does not like to have their Thanksgiving day menu altered. Is your family the same? Well this year I tried to switch things up. My new additions were a apple-cornbread stuffing and pumpkin croissant bread pudding with milk chocolate chunks. Both dishes were a huge success and will be on my table next year! The apple-cornbread dressing is from Cuisine …


A special evening at Sushi Nakazawa.

Have you seen the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi? The movie is a documentary about the most prestigious sushi chef in Tokyo. Jiro Ono’s restaurant only seats 10 people and he is the oldest 3 star Michelin chef alive. I also believe he has the smallest restaurant of any Michelin winner. The menu at his restaurant is set and varies daily. Jiro has a specific and creative way to prepare each fish. You won’t  need to use any soy sauce at this sushi bar. The movie is about dedication, passion, …



Above photo from Gardenista. Fancy typesetting by me. Below are some festive photos I took while walking around the city. The energy for halloween is amazing here in NYC. Everyone is making up for Halloween being cancelled last year due to hurricane Sandy. The two photos above are from the window at CuRious Candy. The store is created and owned by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. X


Giorgio Armani /Take Two

Giorgio Armani hosted a fashion show called One Night Only last thursday at the Super Pier in NYC. It featured clothing from his current Prive’ Collection in addition to archives from 1985 to present. The archives were open to the public for three days. The venue was completely covered in black fabric. The clothing was displayed on mannequins in an oval shape. Beautiful Armani jewelry and hand bags were displayed on a ledge under each outfit. Armani is a perfectionist and the master of minimalism. His details are meticulous. Armani is a …


New York City Restaurants

Incase you did not know, I LOVE NYC! It is so great to be back and be able to have the time wandering, dining and exploring. I have a list of both some new and some old restaurants I would love to share with all you. Here is my list… ABC Kitchen 35 East 18th Street Located by Union Square. The chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten prepares a seasonal menu with locally grown produce. My favorites are the carrot salad, red juice and pizza. Butcher’s Daughter 19 Kenmare Street Nolita. This is a great …