How to wear sneakers?

So you had to of noticed the sneaker trend?  A lot has changed in the sneaker world.  They are no longer solely for working out.  It all started with the Ashe platform sneaker; I loved the look but it was not for me.  Last summer I noticed the Celine sneaker.  This, however, is something that I would wear.  Now, J.Crew offers a special colored new balance sneaker.  At the Chanel 2014 show, they mixed sneakers with couture.  Take a look below at your many options and find out how you can incorporate this into your wardrobe.

Are you already wearing sneakers? If so, how? If not, are you going to embrace this trend? As always, I love your feedback.



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  1. Mary shaw Rodriguez

    Yep- I’m already there. I love my DKNY gold and camel wedge sneakers. They are comfortable and cool. Skinny jeans, denim skirt, capris all go with these groovy kicks.

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