Key tips for shopping sales

It is that time of year again, summer weather has not arrived in most areas and everything is on sale. I personally do most of my shopping this time of the year.


Saks Fifth Avenue

Neiman Marcus

J. Crew


Ralph Lauren

Restoration Hardware

When I am shopping a sale, I have in mind what I need for my wardrobe or an interior project. Are you in the mood to add something in silver? A pair of white shoes? Are you ready to try mixing patterns? What about lucite? This is a great time to add some pieces at a reduced price. I only look for what is on my list. I shop designers that are normally out of my price point. I buy the best quality and prefer to buy fewer items. I would rather buy one beautiful jacket that is going to be a game changer for my wardrobe and nothing else. I only buy something if it fits. I tell a sales associate what I am looking for. Frequently they will keep the best items in the storeroom waiting for people to ask about them. I prefer to shop sales at a department store or a small speciality store where I know the owners. This way you can take items home and see if they work with what you own, if not you can return them.

Have you been shopping any sales? Have you found any treasures?


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  1. Jennifer Smith

    love this entry. maybe I should shop with you…you could tell me what looks good…I hate shopping. I usually end up buying what on some silly mannequin. And if it blue and white or black.

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