How to apply the pattern mixing trend to your wardrobe

In interiors we combine various patterns with ease and view the collaborated look as appealing. When we are getting dressed, however, patterns seems to become confusing and awkward. Perry Ellis was known for mixing patterns, especially stripes and polka dots. Ralph Lauren, too, is an expert at combining patterns. While working at Ralph Lauren and Perry Ellis I was constantly putting together various prints. Recently, I  have been inspired to mix things up a little. I started doing some research and found patterns to be mixed everywhere. This post will focus on fashion and later I will post on interiors etc.

Consider leopard prints as a neutral.

Stripes look refreshing mixed with something in the same color tones. You can mix stripes with stripes, florals, polka dots, batik print etc.

Solange Knowles for Madewell. This outfit reminds me of Perry Ellis.

Diane Kruger. The ensemble is designed by 10 Crosby Derek Lam (she is wearing a skirt over the dress). Great idea !

I adore everything about this outfit especially the tribal design skirt mixed with a classic pinstripe blouse. Credits unknown.


I wish I had this outfit to wear tomorrow. I would have never thought of combing these two patterns but it works. Miette shoppe

Are you ready to try mixing your prints? Be inspired by this man.


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  1. Katarina

    Very inspiring! I need to be more daring with pattern mixing, don’t think I’ll have Diane Kruger’s guts to put a skirt on top of the dress though 🙂

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  2. sue gordon

    Funny how when I was young I was pattern mixing (much to the dismay of my mom) without realizing someday it would be in vogue! I love this post…the bold colors mixed with stripes, stripes mixed with stripes…I hope this is a trend that is here to stay!

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