The fisherman sweater trend.

The fisherman’s sweater, also known as the Aran sweater, is typically made out of wool and was created in late 19th century Ireland. Over the past year this style of sweater has seen a resurgence in popularity. It is a classic that now has become a fashion must. This weekend it graced the cover of The Wall Street Journal Magazine.Unknown

The first time I noticed the sweater was last spring in the Isabel Marant collection. Unfortunately by the time I researched it, it was sold out. I had been searching for this sweater but wanted it in cotton, as opposed to wool, and at a reasonable price point. The one above on the cover of the WSJ is designed by the Row (the Olsen sisters clothing line) and retails at $4,490. The quality is amazing but I am not loving the price. The blog Honestly…WTF wrote a post on Friday about the fisherman sweater. You can view the sweater styled many different ways.imagesMy favorite is the Ralph Lauren Aran sweater above and it is on sale for $239. It is cotton, relatively lightweight, and a slim fit. If you are looking for a wool sweater you can visit the Aran Sweater Market. This is a classic staple that I have added to my wardrobe. What do you think?


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  1. Katarina

    What $4,490!!!!! I knitted one for me and one for Richard just after we got married, I think I still have them in a box. I can either go RL style with mine or Row oversized with Richard’s. And I won’t have to spend a penny, yaaay! Love the look, thanks Margaret!!

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  2. Paula Rimer

    Even my husband pointed out the sweater then mentioned the HUGE price tag! Love it though – and the ring looks even more fabulous!

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  3. Mary shaw Rodriguez

    I saw the magazine cover and loved the look. But immediately I checked the price and thought- that’s crazy, c’mon. I have a wool one from Ireland that I got around 1982 or so. At the time it was oversized and kind of slouchy cool. Now, it is a slim fit and somewhat retro. Timeless is well- timeless.

  4. Brewer

    I love this classic sweater design, and every time I see one, it takes me back to numerous childhood holidays in Ireland. This post has inspired me to add one to my adult wardrobe – thank you, Margaret!

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  5. Julie Mickelberg

    Time to pull my old sweater from Ireland out! Sice I technically saved over $4,000 I think I should update my kitchen!

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  6. Sarah Oneill

    I got the girls great cotton turtleneck fisherman sweaters.LLBean $50 bucks.
    I say WTF w=why would you spend 4 grand on a sweater?I don’t care what it’s made of!

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