Watermelon Salad

My favorite way to cook is only using a few ingredients, especially in the summer. I search for the best and ripest produce and then simply enhance the flavors.  One of my favorite creations is watermelon salad.  While at the Ocean Club in the Bahamas I ordered the watermelon salad and from that day on I was addicted. They used red and yellow watermelon, which was cut into a lattice pattern and stacked on the plate. I just cube the watermelon and sprinkle it with sea salt or pink salt, then add crumbled goat or feta cheese. Next, drizzle on a finishing olive oil. Finally, add fresh dill or mint. So easy yet refreshing and satisfying.

What is your favorite way to serve watermelon?

Have a great week


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  1. Jennifer Smith

    While loving in Costa Rica, the watermelon truck, along with any truck that sold stuff,came by our house everyday,when in season, and we bought gigantic watermelon, cheap, and made that same salad. We cooked with fresh fruit regularly. Especially pineapple -grill it- and mango…made into salsa. So yummy!!!

  2. Laura

    I just love this recipe. It is so refreshing and unexpected. Sometimes I add just a few shallots and fresh mint.

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