Where has the time gone….part one

Watch out Boston, here she comes…

I am off to Boston to take my youngest to college. I remember taking this photo like it was yesterday. She is happy and excited for her new adventure. I am so proud of her. Where has the time gone? Any advise for the soon to be empty nester?

am excited for my next post. What is in my world will be going through a few design changes. Stay tuned.

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  1. Dorothea

    Amazing! Best of everything to both of you. I need a photo from Boston! hugs to you both. What an adventure for both of you!

  2. Laura

    That gorgeous photo of your daughter gave me the chills. As an empty nester myself I have absolutely no advise for you except that no news is good news. As the calls and texts dwindle it means she’s happy. Good luck!

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